Ben Holliday

2008 – What Happened?

So where have I been this year…

I worked really hard at my job and learnt a whole lot more about web design on some great new projects.

A big decision was taken – We moved house in June saying our goodbyes to Brighton after 5 good years and heading back home to Kendal, in the fantastic (and much wetter!) Lake District.

A massive change in my life happened – I became a Dad. My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter in July and our life’s immediately changed forever. Fatherhood is/has been great so far and I’m enjoying the delicate balancing act of (limited) sleeping, working and precious family time with the little one.

So as I’m sitting here at the end of a weeks break from work where to next…

  1. Probably a lot more hard work making websites
  2. Lots more family time
  3. More church involvement
  4. Definitely more guitar playing
  5. Maybe even a (little bit) more blogging

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