Ben Holliday

Back to work

I had a great break with all my family down in Cornwall last week and just about managed to keep away from the world of web.

I did however make time to read Cameron Moll‘s new Mobile Web Design book. It was a nice short read while on holiday but what it lacked in length it certainly made up for in quality. It’s great to have a book on the Mobile Web that takes a web standards approach and offers some great real world solutions for offering mobile web content.

The day after finishing Mobile Web Design, Apple announced their new range of iPod’s including the new ‘touch’ model – fully equipped with WiFi and Safari. Although the iPhone looks and sounds fantastic (and will hopefully arrive in the UK eventually) I think that it will generally only be taken up by a small group of users in the short term… on the other hand the iPod touch is something that everybody will want and will probably be this years Christmas top seller. Surely this now means that there will be a mass market created of mobile web users equipped with a standards based browser (Safari). This to me is a really exciting development for the web and will open up mobile development. So having been inspired by the book I’m ready to get into it and start looking at the possibilities …back to work then!

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