Ben Holliday

What doesn’t hurt can eventually kill you

Inertia is the biggest killer in the workplace

We don’t always notice what’s going to hurt us.

If one person in your organisation, department, or team doesn’t care then that probably doesn’t hurt you. But if one person doesn’t care it’s possible that everyone else has reasons not to care. If no one cares then your mission, service, product, or entire organisation is going to be on its own.

The solution: eliminate the reasons and conditions that stop people caring.

It’s these details that will kill you. The reasons people stop caring, or never start.

If the problem is apathy, avoiding a slow death for creativity in your organisation is dependent on how you act to deal with it.

Look for the things that go unnoticed. It might be your mission (or lack of), your values, the ways you collaborate or your IT equipment.

Whatever it is, deal with it because you need need everyone to care.

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