Ben Holliday

Collective, small, actions as culture

It’s great that these principles for creating a digital delivery culture are still being talked about at DWP Digital.

Principles for creating a digital delivery culture

Jon Osborn has written about a workshop we ran with Zoe Gould earlier this summer as part of a DWP leaders event: Building a digital culture in DWP.

All of these principles are what I describe as collective, small, actions. They’re things that need to happen both individually and collectively in order to shape a digital delivery culture. They all take discipline. People have to be willing to question and make changes to how they go about their work.

To embed values such as these both individually and collectively is what it means to have an emerging digital culture. In my time at DWP we started to see the impact of some of these principles through the commitment of individuals. Collective, small, actions as culture are something that we invest in together with the patience and understanding that genuine culture change in an organisation takes time as well as good intentions.

Originally we only had 9 principles, but eventually we added number 10 – Keep going. As a guiding principle (and as motivation) this became the key to success for all of these principles (which in reality are all hard things to embed as culture). Keeping the discipline and focus to do things deliberately and to do things differently.

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