Ben Holliday

The roundup. February 2018

Lots of travel all over the UK this month.

In-between work travel we had a great family break at Forest Holidays near Maldan in North Yorkshire, with a day trip to Whitby for fish & chips. There was snow on the first day of the trip which caught us a little off guard.

Straight after the family trip I was over in Grimsby and Cleethorpes working with North East Lincolnshire Council. And towards the end of the month FutureGov started some new work in Scotland which has meant spending some regular time in Glasgow. My first visit worked out as a straight round trip from home via a day with Newcastle City Council. All this means that I’m racking up plenty of train miles.


I’m still getting going with my writing this year. There’s more to come and plenty of ideas sitting in my drafts folder again.

I published ‘Vision or Mission Statement?’.


I finished reading The Humans by Matt Haig.

I bought a couple of of new books. How Not To Be a Boy by Robert Webb and Radical Candor by Kim Scott – thanks for the recommendation Nina Timmers.

Most importantly I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my eldest daughter (all 800 pages – they’re getting longer!) – we’re now well into ‘…the half-blood prince’.


No speaking this month. It’s a quiet year so far – I’m open to speaking at new events if people want to get in touch.

I’m looking forward to speaking in Milan for FutureGov next month as well as supporting a Service Jam event in Liverpool.


As you can tell from the travel it has continued to be a busy start to the year.

Most of my time has been split between project work and recruitment. We’re growing the design team which is exciting, and I’ve reviewed many applications since the start of the year. Hopefully more on hiring next month as new people start to join the team.

See you in March!

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