Ben Holliday

It’s not a redesign

I don’t like talking about ‘redesign’.

The challenge is to design services all the time. Not to redesign them.

A redesign is a project mentality. Something with a start and end date. The opposite of this is making design part of how an organisation thinks and does things all the time.

When design becomes a default mindset for an organisation it will move between cycles of improvement and service transformation.

This is all design.

We talk about continuous improvement when thinking about agile delivery and live services. It’ a steady state of designing a live service.

Service transformation is then being prepared to think through how a service works fundamentally. From policy, to operations, and the fabric of the organisations that support or own the service, or part of the service. This design process doesn’t stop even as it eventually moves back to a more steady state.

It’s all just design.

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