Ben Holliday


In February 2022 my book Multiplied was published. Written with contributions from many colleagues at the time at TPXimpact, Multiplied was a series of bets and commentary on the future opportunities of digital transformation. This included reflecting on the previous decade of digital government, and had a significant lens of having been written in 2021, focusing specifically on a number of learnings and opportunities identified from the public sectors Covid-19 response.

One thing that’s clear to me now, is that any book about digital transformation is quickly challenged by the reality of how quickly technologies and ideas continue to evolve. For example, even with a big focus on AI and technology transformation, Multiplied doesn’t include any specific focus on GenerativeAI and the rapid advancements we’ve seen through technologies such at Chat-GPT over the past 12 months.

I’m planning to use my blog to write some further reflections on Multiplied themes, and where I think we’re going as we move into 2024. I want to consider how some of those bigger bets on future transformation played out, and to start to look at some of the even bigger opportunities on the horizon.

One thing I have been doing is regularly speaking to people about the themes and content in Multiplied – I’ve averaged around an event per fortnight over the past 22 months, which includes both public and closed talks or workshops. Throughout these events, I’ve been incorporating new examples, case studies and ideas as time has moved on since publication. So I now intend to share some of my additional thinking and notes here.

While I currently have no intention to update Multiplied or produce a second edition, I do believe it gives us a solid foundation to explore some big and important ideas further. To quote the book, this still feels as important as ever:

“As we move into a new era of digital transformation, now is the time to be bold and to reset our expectations for what is possible.”

So, building on that, what are our bigger bets for 2024 and beyond, where even more becomes possible?

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