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Digital by design

The importance of digital — part 3

Lou Downe introducing the Cross-Government Design Meeting at the Design Museum

If you’re following my posts over the last few days you’ll appreciate how important I think digital is as a lens for how we see and respond to the modern world.

That society will be digital. We can’t lose sight of what this means with the increasing impact of technology in our lives.

Asking the right question

Digital is something in the lexicon of the government machine that helps at least a small group of radical thinkers consider the alternatives to the policy we have and the type of society that we want to be part of.

Even when big government fails with big policy, these people are still there shaping the behaviours and cultures of a future public sector.

Don’t underestimate the impact of the many designers now working in government and the public sector (#govdesign).

The importance of design in government is those people prepared to ask the right questions.

Digital by design:

“Technology is what could be done. Design is what should be done”
 — Lou Downe (Head of Design, GDS/UK Government)

This is our response to technology, reflecting our values and intentions. All of which results in the products, services and organisations we spend our lives shaping.

Are you asking the right questions?

The quote from Louise included here was from a DWP Digital event held on August 17th 2017 [1].

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