Ben Holliday

Speaking roundup

Last month I spoke at UX Riga in Latvia. You can watch the film of my talk online – Delivering User Experience for Government Services. The slides are here.

This talk included new material and examples from recent work with the Department for Work and Pensions. There was also some overlap with my talk last year at NUX3 – you can watch the film of this talk online as well – Getting out the way: Designing Better User Experiences by Doing Less. Slides here.

Last week I took part in a panel at UXPA in London – hosted by Giles Colborne. We had a lively discussion about the state of UX and how we as clients (the panel) view the state of the UX community.

Next month (23rd April) I’ll be at Camp Digital in Manchester. I’ll be speaking about 'Why design matters?' – How a design-led process delivers better digital services. The conference is being held at the Museum of Science & Industry. Tickets are still available.

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